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Funniest Own-Goals Ever – Part III


Funniest Own-Goals Ever – Part III

Funniest Own-Goals Ever – Part III

Our series on the funniest own-goals ever, concludes with a countdown of the three best of all-time!

3. Adrien Gulfo – Pully Football vs. FC Renens (2017)

Adrien Gulfo probably never imagined gaining worldwide notoriety as a footballer in Switzerland’s sixth-tier, but here he is. The midfielder scored this stunning bicycle kick own goal in a Vaudoise Cup semi-final match between Pully Football and FC Renens – sadly for him, while his side were already losing 2-1.

His first touch to control the ball is heavy. However, it’s still infinitely more successful than his second, which is an acrobatic effort into his own net from a seemingly impossible angle. What a glorious strike! 

2. Mohammad Shatnawi – Al-Faisaly vs. Al-Wehdat (2015)

To be fair to Al-Faisaly goalkeeper Mohammad Shatwani, his defence was hardly faultless in the concession of Al-Wehdat’s second goal in this Jordanian derby.

A long pass from the back isn’t properly dealt with, and the opposition striker rides a challenge far too easily, but Shatwani still has a chance to snuff out the danger after saving the initial shot. Instead, he sticks out a leg and inexplicably hooks the ball over his own head and into the unguarded goal behind him!

1. Festus Baise – Citizen AA vs. Sun Hei SC (2011)

Even after multiple viewings, it’s difficult to understand what Festus Baise’s intentions were. We are rating this wonderful strike in the Hong Kong First Division as the greatest own-goal of all time!

The cross from Citizen AA’s Jack Sealy is underhit and unlikely to find a teammate, but Baise has clearly calculated that a simple header away won’t be enough. The Sun Hei centre-back instead opts for an extraordinary scorpion kick and can only watch in despair as the ball flies into the far corner!

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